What is Zoomlearn
We believe that an LMS shouldn't be a closed system.

Rather, it should be a platform that connects everyone and promotes anytime, anyplace learning.

ZoomLearn sets out to disrupt the Learning Management System (LMS) industry by creating an easy to use, yet powerful solution that will be the new standard for open technology in training and education.

Our services are truly free and will remain free.

ZoomLearn marks the opening of a new era global training and education as we aim to democratize global education among the learning community by giving FREE access to the platform.


Our business model is very different from other LMS providers as our platform is completely free of charge. It boils down to the idea that a platform with millions of learners and trainers is very valuable as it could be leveraged for distributing content such as educational applications, videos and e-learning content.

There are many possibilities for the future, but it does not include the sale or sharing of your data or information.

Right now our focus is on expanding the platform and providing a great experience to our users.